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Ship Loading Operations

As one of Australia’s leading tug and barge transhipment service providers, TSA is an experienced partner of choice. Utitilising its own vessel fleet or securing quality third party vessels under bareboat charter, TSA can take on any project in a timely and cost effective manner.

The tug and barge solution is a proven low cost solution as it

  • uses standard and readily available vessels. There is no need for complicated or technically challenging vessel specifications.
  • reduces upfront capex by using less costly and complicated shoreside product loading infrastructure.
  • reduces upfront construction and ongoing dredging costs by being able to operate in draft restricted and tidal environments.
  • integrates well with all types of ocean going bulk vessels. It can load any size geared or ungeared ocean-going vessel.
  • is flexible and it can be scaled up relatively quickly as production volumes increase
  • increases operational availability and reliability. It is a simple solution that can operate in higher weather margins and sea-state conditions than other transhipping methods.

TSA has proven experience across Australia in this method and with excellent reliability and operational performance. It has led TSA to be the transhipping partner of choice for various mining projects and commodities.