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Agrimin Mackay Potash

Project Overview

TSA is engaged by Agrimin Limited to construct a barge loading facility and provide barge loading services for their 100% owned Mackay Potash Project.  The Project is located on Lake Mackay in Western Australia, located approximately 785km south of Port of Wyndham.

The Project comprises twelve tenements covering a total area of 4,370 square kilometres spanning Lake Mackay, which is the largest undeveloped potash-bearing salt lake in the world.

Scope of Work

In support of Agrimin’s definitive feasibility study, TSA has been contracted to provide transhipment consultancy services, which includes reviewing several options for the location of a barge loading facility (BLF), associated marine infrastructure, and anchorage locations for their Project.  TSA will support Agrimin to prepare a conceptual design for the BLF that will assist with obtaining all necessary regulatory approvals for construction and transhipment operations.

TSA has signed a binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Agrimin to construct the BLF and provide transhipment services at Wyndham Port.  This will allow Agrimin to construct and operate a bespoke bulk ship loading solution, specifically designed for their Project, and facilitate the bulk export of a range of cargo sizes up to Ultramax (60,000DWT).

TSA is proud to be working with Agrimin on the Mackay Potash Project as their chosen experienced transhipment services provider.

For more information and to view Agrimin’s press release announcing TSA’s appointment please click here.