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KMG Ridges Iron Ore

Project Overview

The Ridges Iron Ore Project is situated in the far north of Western Australia, 165 kilometres south of Wyndham. The Project is owned by Kimberley Metals Group (KMG) and commenced shipping iron ore in 2011 from its private loading facility in Wyndham. At the time of its closure in 2015, once the high grade ‘direct shipping ore’ had been depleted, KMG had exported over 6 million tonnes.

After further successful exploration, and the potential of a new beneficiation plant to process lower grade ore, the Ridges Iron Ore Project has the potential to extend the mine life and recommence mining and shipping operations in the near future. Its current operator is currently going through the necessary approvals to achieve this.

Scope of Work

During the initial project development, TSA, was contracted by KMG to undertake all project management of the design, construction and installation of the barge loading facility and all navigational aids and cyclone moorings.   TSA also oversaw all barge construction, tug procurement and arranged their mobilisation to site and readiness for start up.

Once in operating phase, TSA was the primary contractor responsible for all barge loading, transhipping, and ship loading operations. All marine activities were conducted and managed by TSA including tug operation and maintenance, tug and barge loading operations, pilotage, ship loading and channel maintenance.

TSA’s proven experience, safe performance and efficient operations in Wyndham, earnt it a positive reputation with the relevant port authorities and with the Client. This demonstrated capability puts TSA in good stead to again partner with KMG should shipping operations recommence.