Providing highly specialised, cost effective transhipment services in even the most remote locations throughout Australia.

Transhipment Services Australia (TSA) is a tug and barge towage company actively looking to expand and take on new contracts in the resources and industrial sector.

Transhipment Services Australia specialises and offers a unique Australian service in the transhipment method of transporting cargo from a land based loading facility to a bulk carrier ship offshore that is moored or at anchor using barges.

Transhipment Services Australia management have many years of operational experience using the transhipment method of loading ships in various remote locations around the world and have been operating in Australia since 2011, having safely shipped over 5 million tonnes of iron ore utilising transhipment methods.

Transhipment Services Australia have experience in the risk management assessments of new projects and can offer solutions to the most challenging of situations.

Being solely focused on transhipment, Transhipment Services Australia are arguably the most experienced marine company in Australia specialising in this type of ship loading operation.

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